chairs-classroom-college-289740CEOs consistently rank leadership development as one of their top priorities and a lack of leadership talent as a barrier to their companies’ success.  But developing leaders at all levels isn’t easy – it requires ongoing support, accountability, feedback and insight.  And like any new skill, it requires lots of focused practice. 

But providing that support to rank-and-file managers is expensive.  The compromise that companies often settle on is group workshop or classroom leadership training – two-thirds of leadership development is provided through workshop or classroom sessions.  These programs usually focus on what it means to be an effective leader.  But many questions have been raised about how effective workshop sessions actually are.

The challenge for workshops is well understood – while they may help participants learn about what leadership “looks like”, that’s only one requirement of what people need to grow and build new skills.  As we discuss in our LASER model of effective leadership change, the more difficult challenge is helping leaders take that knowledge and develop new skills and habits.  Imagine attending a classroom session on open heart surgery and then being shoved into the operating room.  Leadership workshops face the same problem.  


See why practice is so important for developing leadership skills.

And how effective practice is very different than other kinds.

To Be a Better Leader, Practice, Practice, Practice


Many companies are trying to find ways to extend their workshops to develop comprehensive or “full stack” programs that support leaders in every step of their growth – to expand the learning out of the workshop and into the leaders’ day to day work.  But helping leaders on a day to day basis is expensive and takes substantial effort and cost to build and support a hands-on program.

Careerwave’s new Enhanced Workshop program is designed to help companies expand off their workshops to support managers after or between workshop sessions.  The Careerwave Enhanced Workshop program is an effective and affordable way to incorporate critical active practice, focused goal setting and professional feedback with workshops.  These tools are necessary to convert learning into skills and to build new leadership habits.


Without reinforcement, managers forget more than half of their training within 2 weeks. No wonder 75% of companies say their leadership development is not effective.

The Enhanced Workshop program is built on Careerwave’s coaching and leadership platform.  Between workshops, managers complete frequent activities to reinforce the workshop learning and to practice the new skills from the workshop.  Careerwave’s leadership development specialists or professional leadership coaches provide feedback, support and accountability through text, email or video conferencing.  Because the program is immersed in the leaders’ day to day life, the activities address real projects, not hypotheticals or case studies.  For example, leaders working on having more effective difficult conversations will practice their new skills in real conversations with their team.

Careerwave also prepares leadership learning materials based on each clients’ workshop to reinforce the learning from the workshop and ensure that leaders have a consistent experience from workshop to learning to activities.  Leaders also have access to Careerwave’s extensive library of leadership development materials on more advanced or different topics than in the workshop.  Careerwave also will develop and lead workshops for companies that prefer to have trained coaches or trainers leading their sessions.

Careerwave’s Enhanced Workshop program is efficient and affordable for any company.  The highly efficient platform combined with sophisticated programs and expert leadership development specialists and coaches allows for high touch programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional leadership development.

Careerwave’s Enhanced Workshop Program is an effective way for companies to move from a partial workshop or classroom approach to a full stack, comprehensive growth experience for their managers.

Todd Murtha is CEO of Careerwave. Todd is a former workplace psychologist and CEO of a 350-person internet company. He is a frequent speaker on leadership, coaching and technology.

 Careerwave’s technology-based leadership coaching service is effective and affordable enough to provide a coach to every manager. Whether you need to coach 1 leader or 100, and whether you need a full program or just an addition to your current program, we can build a solution for you. To learn more, contact us at, or visit

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