Imagine management, high potential development or diversity coaching throughout your organization, but at the cost of a classroom training program. With CareerWave, it’s possible. Our network combines the best of coaching with a technology-supported online platform to do exactly that, resulting in improved performance and employee engagement, development of a learning culture and enhancement of client’s brand as leading employer.

The CareerWave Value

CareerWave uses technology to combine the power of an automated system with the best of human coaching, while also blending the benefits of training with the ROI of coaching.  The key for our system is to understand how to drive real change in managers, and to combine all the elements of a successful change program together.  Learn more about our scientifically based behavior change model.

We personalize coaching for each employee to deliver the maximum improvement of performance and employee engagement.

  • Employees aren’t all the same, why should their learning be? Employees don’t have time for materials that aren’t useful for them, and research shows that adult learners respond far better to materials that have been tailored to fit them. We work with you and can perform 360 reviews to help employees understand their growth areas and coach them on areas of maximum impact.
  • Lack of self-awareness prevents many employees from knowing where they need to develop. We help every client build self-awareness, including with a self and 360 assessment when appropriate, to help employees understand their strengths and shortcomings and to tailor the training to each employee.

We personalize coaching for every company, and we drive your organization’s critical culture or development goals through tailored coaching plans that build on your ongoing initiatives.

  • In addition to coaching specific trouble spots for employees, topics that are especially important for the company can be provided to all employees to ensure a shared corporate understanding, with coaching to reinforce and help apply those topics to real-world issues.
  • Customizable training materials incorporate your key organizational messaging or shared references.
  • We include your managers in group and peer programs to build a culture of learning and role models in your organization.

We fuse training and coaching to improve performance by building critical basic skills and advanced learning.

  • Many managers lack the basic skills needed for their jobs, and coaching clients who lack those basic skills is ineffective. On the other hand, basic skill training without a coach to help applying the information to the real world is not effective either.
  • Our program provides both core training materials and coaching to help employees learn the material and build the ability to apply it in their real-world work. Training material is provided through the online system to eliminate valuable coaching time spent on presenting basic information.

We build skills for today and aptitudes for a career to drive immediate ROI and engagement while developing a highly-skilled team to lead the organization in the future.

  • We teach specific managerial skills while developing general managerial aptitudes. Our program incorporates both managerial “hard skills” like delegation and managerial aptitudes like empathy and active listening.
  • The hard skill topics ensure that employees can easily apply the coaching to their day-to-day work and provide maximum short-term impact and ROI.
  • The hard skills also are the “rubber hits the road” examples that we use to develop aptitudes. Aptitudes are nothing but the ability to apply skills in various situations — but because they are abstract, they are notoriously difficult to train. By teaching how to apply those skills in concrete situations and tasks, we help employees learn what the aptitudes are and how to apply them more broadly, resulting in even greater ROI over time.

We embrace data to drive performance and provide deep insight into your organization

  • The data from our system provides rich insight into effectiveness, employee progress and organizational needs.
  • Our system collects data about every aspect of the employee’s experience and progress. We provide reporting on each employee’s engagement and progress as well as insight gleaned from the coaching into recurring themes or issues for your employees or organization.
  • We use data to understand what coaching and training techniques and materials are most effective.

We have a team of exceptional coaches and we monitor their performance to ensure consistency and high-quality.

  • Our team of coaches has deep experience in coaching and senior HR and operating leadership.  They know business and they know coaching.
  • Our online system monitors the performance of coaches and the response of clients in real-time to identify clients who are not thriving
  • Data provides insight into what coaching techniques work in your organization, which feeds into immediate optimization of our coaching

We treat adults like adults to maximize learning, growth and engagement.

  • The way that adults learn and the way children learn are very different. Yet most training programs use a model that looks very similar to a high school classroom. We provide basic training materials in a format that is designed for the adult learner.
  • Coaches provide very frequent feedback, guidance, and accountability to help employees apply the skills in the day-to-day of their work.
  • Coaches tailor the learning material for the needs of the client, but the coach does not spend valuable time presenting basic information that can be presented more effectively through a platform designed for adult learning.
  • Small, “bite sized” learning materials designed specifically for our system fit the schedule and learning style of busy employees. Incorporation of video, text and podcast materials make the program more interesting and fit the schedule of your employees.
  • Unlike most training programs that dump materials on employees and leave it to them to figure out what to do with the information, our coaches help employees every step of the way, from understanding and brainstorming about training materials to applying them in their day-to-day work to strategizing on how to build their skills further
  • We zoom in and pull out. Research shows that individual training and group sessions offer different benefits for employees. But most programs provide only one or the other. Our program includes both intensive, individual 1:1 coaching and group sessions to help employees benefit from deep self-work and broader group insight.
  • For clients, the discipline and emotional challenge of change is more than half the battle, and lack of support in these areas is why the vast majority of training fails. Our coaches are there for employees, to help them cope with these challenges and keep them accountable.

CareerWave is a technology-supported management development and inclusiveness service that blends coaching, training and organizational growth tools to transform the industry with highly effective coaching that is effective, scalable and affordable. We offer an out-of-the-box coaching solution using human coaches to work with your employees, all at 80% less cost than traditional coaches. To learn more about our services, contact us at or visit us at