Our Focus Is Performance

There are many ways to coach.  Our focus is relentlessly on helping your leaders and managers improve their performance.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Everything about our programs is designed to improve your leaders’ and managers’ performance. And our programs are based on our deep-rooted philosophy of what it means to be an effective leader.

All Leadership Is Situational

The goal of leadership is to make your team more effective.  In other words, it’s not about you.  Effective leadership is tailored to the other person and the situation, not how the leader likes to lead

Leadership Is a Relationship

Leadership is just a relationship between people, and building a relationship that’s most effective to encourage your team to perform to the best of its ability is key.  Usually that’s a relationship of trust, support and honesty.

Leaders Are Servants

A leader’s job is to encourage the team to perform to its peak.  In other words, leaders serve their teams, not vice versa – the leader’s goal is to help her or his team become more effective.

Emotions Matter

Emotions have profound impacts on how people perform, and helping them use their emotions to be successful, and to overcome emotions that often are debilitating, is critical to help anyone build new skills and thrive as a manager.

Leaders Are Flexible and Adaptive

Different situations and team members require different skills and approaches from a manager.  Great leaders are well-rounded and flexible, and build strength across all leadership characteristics.  They develop the skills their teams need, not just the areas where they are comfortable.

Great Leaders Are Made, Not Born

Like most skills, leadership can be – and has to be – learned.  By practice, feedback and diligence, leaders and managers can become much better.  There is no such thing as being bad at leadership – with the right support, anyone can be a great leader and manager.

Our Program Philosophy

Our sole focus is to help your leaders and managers improve their performance.  Everything about our program philosophy serves that goal.

Structured Programs

Our programs are structured to provide a consistent and predictable experience for your team – and an experience that is most focused on improving their performance.  We map out the coaching program to ensure they stay on track and receive the support they need to succeed.

Team Support

No leader is an island – everyone needs the support and feedback of the people around them to grow and learn.  Our system incorporates tools such as 360s and group and peer sessions to allow leaders to solicit feedback and support from their family, colleagues and team.

Learn By Doing

Leadership growth can only come from practice, practice and more practice.  And busy leaders will only practice consistently if they can use their daily work – work they have to do anyway – as the “learning laboratory”.  Our system encourages leaders’ to practice their new skills in their ongoing work and our coaches provide feedback and support in near real-time.  By supporting your team as they do their work, our program also drives higher ROI.

Meet Leaders Where They Are

Time is precious, and we we want to make all our time with your team high-impact.  We tailor the coaching program based on your leaders’ growth opportunities, both to maximize impact on performance and to focus learning on areas that matter.

Accountability Matters

Leaders are busy and it’s easy for them to let their own growth slip.  Without accountability, most programs flounder.  But the coaching relationship, and the accountability that comes from having a coach, keeps employees focused and engaged. 

Research Drives Results

Research shows us how to improve leaders’ performance.  Our team has a broad background with research and data, and we leverage the best research in psychology, education and leadership to build programs that have the most impact.  And we use our own research to further improve our results.  Read more about the science here.

How We Help

Our programs are highly flexible to meet your team’s needs, from coaching one leader up to your entire management team.

Promising Leader

A mid-level manager has great potential but a roadblock issue that is preventing his advancement.  Our coaches can work with individual managers to overcome their roadblocks and unlock their potential.

Hi Po Group

A company wants to reward and develop a group of high potential, junior managers.  Our coaches can work with the coaches to enhance their leadership skills and smooth out any potential roadblock issues before they become serious

Manager Team Growth

A company’s managers and leaders are a competitive advantage and it seeks to maximize their impact.  Our coaches work with a large group to build their leadership and managerial skills and prepare them to advance.

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