Coaching, But Better

Our programs provide your employees with the flexibility of professional coaching and a structured format to ensure high impact growth.

Our Approach – It’s Different

Our approach is different than traditional coaching – we leverage the expertise of our team to build structured programs to drive your goals and ensure high impact growth.

Focused on What Matters

Our team works with you to identify important growth areas for each employee, and will work with you to identify topics for all employees to advance your company’s people goals. This approach combines individual growth while ensuring that development is strongly tied to your strategic goals. Read more on how we align your goals with the coaching program.

Structured and Effective

We’ve combined the structure and timeline of classes with the flexibility and support of coaching to maximizes learning and engagement while providing a consistent experience for your employees.   It helps you track progress and ensure high-ROI development for team.

World-Class Coaching Toolkit

Every coach has a “toolkit” of development activities.  Our senior coaches and psychologists have developed a world-class library of coaching activities for the most important leadership challenges, ensuring that your employees have a consistent experience and the highest quality growth experience.

What Is Your Goal?

We build a program to fit your needs, whether it’s coaching one manager or your entire leadership team.  We help you define your leadership development goal and build programs to move your goals forward.


Teams with effective leaders are 20% – 50% more productive than teams with other leaders.  Our programs help leaders become more effective and more skilled at the leadership behaviors that drive team performance.


Great leaders bring high team engagement.  Our coaching helps leaders develop the leadership skills they need to build highly engaged teams.

Strategic Alignment

Most strategic alignment or change programs fail because they do not help leaders understand what behaviors are needed on a day-to-day basis. Our coaching helps leaders develop the skills that are needed to drive your strategy forward.


Culture is a critical element of employee happiness, productivity and engagement.  But changing culture is hard, especially because it requires people to change how they’ve behaved at work, often in ways where the leaders cannot understand what the desired behaviors look like.  Coaching helps leaders develop skills to match the culture goal and to take those behaviors the last mile to front-line workers.

Is Your Leadership Program World-Class?

Download our Leadership Excellence Guide: Find the Weak Links in Your Leadership Program.

How We Help

Our programs are highly flexible to meet your team’s needs, from coaching one leader up to your entire management team.

Promising Leader

A mid-level manager has great potential but a roadblock issue that is preventing his advancement.  Our coaches can work with individual managers to overcome their roadblocks and unlock their potential.

Hi Po Group

A company wants to reward and develop a group of high potential, junior managers.  Our coaches can work with the coaches to enhance their leadership skills and smooth out any potential roadblock issues before they become serious

Manager Team Growth

A company’s managers and leaders are a competitive advantage and it seeks to maximize their impact.  Our coaches work with a large group to build their leadership and managerial skills and prepare them to advance.

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