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We Can Add Coaching to Your Leadership Program or Launch a Full-Scale, Out-of-the-Box Leadership Solution.


Great leaders’ teams can be twice as productive as other teams.  Can you afford ineffective managers?

Half or more of non-executive leaders are ineffective, costing their companies hundreds of billions a year. If you’re not developing great leaders, then you’re falling behind.

Careerwave’s unique combination of 1:1 coaching, technology platform and coaching program designed specifically for non-executive leaders helps your leaders be more effective, more engaged and happier.

We’re Different.

We’re here to make your leaders better.  Whether that’s in-depth 1:1 coaching or a full-service leadership development program that combines learning and coaching, we’re focused on driving performance.  We combine coaching and technology to give you a new kind of leadership development.

Relentlessly Performance Focused

We exist to make your leaders more effective and to improve your team’s performance. Other types of coaching are great, but performance is what we’re about. Read more about how we align your company goals with the coaching.

Fixated on Real-World Problems

We don’t like case studies – your team has better things to do than solve fake problems.  We use their daily work as the “learning laboratory” for new leadership skills. They learn and drive results at the same time.

Structured and Disciplined

You help us identify each person’s high-value growth areas. And we stick to them to maximize our impact.  Our programs are designed by psychologists and coaches for progress in the shortest time possible.

How It Works.

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Our programs are specifically designed for the needs of non-executive leaders.  Most of your employees are managed by someone who’s not in the C-Suite, shouldn’t they have great leaders, too?

Is Your Leadership Program World-Class?

Only 10% of CEOs say their leadership programs have an identifiable business impact.  Does yours?
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What Do We Do

Our ICF-certified coaches will work 1:1 with valued leaders to help them overcome roadblocks or build skills in key growth areas. Our programs range from individualized, tailored specifically to the needs of the leader to full leadership packages, teaching and coaching your team on key leadership and management skills.

Why Coaching Works

Being a leader or manager is hard, and most people have to build great leadership skills.  And that’s not like what you learn in a classroom – it means dealing with real people in tough situations. Building leadership skill requires practice, feedback, insight and support. And for many people, moving beyond personal roadblocks that stop them short of their potential.  Coaches help leaders as they practice, experiment and grow as leaders.


Our structured programs focus coach and participant on areas that matter, helping ensure high impact and ROI.


Leadership Excellence

Careerwave’s leadership excellence program helps managers throughout your organization develop the skills needed to build and lead amazing teams. Our program is tailored to each employee’s needs and uses each employee’s real world work as the “learning laboratory”.  For 4 – 100 leaders


Organizational Effectiveness

Careerwave’s organizational effectiveness program uses consistent coaching on each organization’s key people strategies to clarify and translate the vision into day-to-day reality throughout the company.  For 10 – 100 leaders.





Targeted Growth

Careerwave’s targeted growth program addresses blockers for high potential leaders and accelerates top managers’ growth and development of the skills necessary to excel and advance, both today and as the leaders of tomorrow.  For 1 – 4 leaders.


Diversity and Inclusion

Careerwave’s D&I program helps managers develop the skills needed to allow all employees to thrive. Careerwave’s ERG and affinity group programs help companies expand the scope of these groups by developing leaders and increasing organizational impact.  For 3 – 100 leaders.

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The System


Coaching can incorporate 360 reviews, engagement assessments and personality assessments to help our coach and you understand each leader’s growth opportunities. Regular pulse surveys are also a part of the program.

Development Plan

Our coaches help employees build personalized plans to grow and develop, and help employees follow through.

1:1 Coaching

Our coaching engagements begin with an introductory meeting (phone, video, or text) between the client and coach, and continue multiple times per week through our web portal.


Data Insights

Every action, interaction, and piece of feedback in the system is recorded. By analyzing these data, we are able to offer executives unprecedented insights into their companies and unparalleled analysis of engagement, impact and ROI.

Learn about the science behind it all.

Coaching Platform

Our proprietary platform organizes client’s coaching experience and learning to maximize growth and application of skills to real-world work.

Highly Tailored Experience

Our coaches are aided by our artificial intelligence engine and 360 assessments to tailor the development and learning experience for each employee.

Transform Your Workforce

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