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Careerwave is a different kind of coaching company, from our focus on science and research to our use of technology.  Let’s talk about what that means.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers


How does Careerwave differ from traditional coaching?

Careerwave’s network of ICF certified coaches use our proprietary coaching platform to provide a world-class experience to your managers.  The platform allows coaches to communicate with your managers far more often than traditional coaching, allowing us to use your team’s ongoing work as the “learning lab” for growth.  Careerwave’s coaching programs and onboard resources for coaches mean that your team has a consistent and high-quality experience, with much less variability across coaches than with traditional coaching.  The data collected through the platform gives you much greater insight into engagement, ROI and organizational issues.


How does Careerwave differ from traditional leadership development programs?

The hardest part of creating better leaders is helping them develop effective skills and habits, and classroom or online leadership programs simply aren’t built to help managers and leaders translate new knowledge into improved on-the-job behavior. That’s why coaching is so effective – it helps managers and leaders translate knowledge into action. Careerwave’s coaches and technology platform use your managers’ ongoing activities as the “learning lab” where new leadership skills are practiced, meaning that your employees’ coaching and work blend together, providing the greatest impact and growth.


Do employees do the work?

Employees strongly report that they enjoy and benefit from the program, with results showing high engagement with the coaching from more than 85% of coachees.  Having a coach involved with every employee increases engagement over SAAS-only by 2X.


We have a leadership development program, can Careerwave work with us?

Our system is flexible and able to incorporate your materials for use by our coaches.  Every coach has a “toolkit” of resources, and we provided standardized activities for coaches to drive growth.

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How much coaching do our managers receive?

The coaching time varies by program but generally involve 30 – 60 minutes per week.

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We have limited resources for employee development, is Careerwave a viable option?

Careerwave programs, because of their affordability and scalability, are an extremely effective option for early stage companies, new market entrants and any organization for which employe development is not a core capability. Our high quality, evidence based interactive digital coaching and development solutions are ideal for rapid growth, entrepreneurial businesses with a distributed workforce

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What other services do you provide?

We provide 360 reviews, engagement surveys and group coaching, which can be presented to employees by our coaches. Our leadership professionals also can help develop coaching programs and goals to support your leadership development programs.

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What is a coaching program and how is it different than traditional coaching?

Traditional coaching usually set out number and length of sessions and leave the rest to each coach.  Careerwave’s system, on the other hand, builds coaching programs with HR leaders to address topics agreed to by the company, coach and coachee to ensure high ROI development.  The structure of our programs ensures that coachees move forward and develop and provides consistency across coachee and coach.

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Our managers love the platform.  Can they access it after their coaching finishes?

Yes!  We know managers want to review what they’ve learned, and we work with each client to provide continued use of the platform for a period after the coaching ends.

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Can you tell me about your coaches?

Yes! Every leader in our program works 1:1 with a professional leadership coach.  Learn more about our coaches on the Coaches page.

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Sounds great, how can I contact you?

We’re coaches, we love to talk, so give us a shout!  Email us at info@careerwave.me or call at 650-524-5180.

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More questions?  Let us answer them.

Leave your information or email us at info@careerwave.me to talk about about our programs or to discuss a customized coaching plan for your managers.