Turn Leadership Training into World Class Growth Experiences

CEOs consistently rank leadership development as one of their top priorities and a lack of leadership talent as a barrier to their companies’ success.  But developing leaders at all levels isn’t easy – it requires ongoing support, accountability, feedback and insight.  And like any new skill, it requires lots of focused practice.  But providing that [...]

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What’s your team’s feedback type?

Feedback is one of the most important parts of being a manager - when done well, it builds culture, motivates, helps employees learn and more.  But feedback is complicated - leaders have to be clear about what they want to accomplish and have to speak in a way that's heard by the employee.  But people [...]

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Become a trusted leader

If the 1980s view of leadership was the strong and charismatic visionary, the 2010s vision is the empathetic and trustworthy servant. And study after study supports the idea that trust is one of the most important factors for leaders today. While establishing a trusting leadership relationship isn’t a key focus of great leaders in all [...]

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What leadership trust really means

Good luck finding an article on leadership today that doesn’t talk about trust – the 1980s view of the strong and charismatic leader has been replaced in the 2010s by the empathetic and trustworthy leader. And study after study supports the idea that trust is one of the most important factors for leaders today. While [...]

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To be a better leader, practice, practice, practice

You know that practice makes perfect – and that’s also true for managers who want to become great leaders.  Great leaders are happier and have teams that perform better and have higher retention and engagement.  It’s little wonder that managers and their companies both want to develop effective leaders.  But years of research have shown [...]

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Want Great Customer Experience? Start with Great Leaders.

Recent research has noted that great leadership, and great leadership development, drive great customer experience.  It might not be an obvious linkage - leadership development focuses on how managers work with their teams, not outsiders.  And we don't encourage our teams to "manage" our customers.  Then why is leadership development of junior and mid-level managers [...]

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How Careerwave Provides Better Coaching for Less

Great managers deliver great performance – 25% to 200% better according to research – as well as higher engagement and retention and better hiring.  It’s little surprise that US companies spend almost $20 billion a year on leadership and management development.  But most doesn’t work very well – only one-half or less of managers are [...]

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Lead From Where You Are – Coaching for Social Courage

Getting the best out of your team means making sure they participate and share - great ideas don't help anyone if they're kept holed up.  One way this appears, of course, is with diversity - diversity of all sorts, including backgrounds, areas of expertise, experience, etc.  Research shows that diverse teams and companies outperform homogeneous [...]

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Why “Good Enough” Leaders Aren’t Good Enough

American companies have a leadership crisis – barely half of managers are rated as good or better and ineffective managers cost $350 billion a year in lost productivity. Given the voluminous research showing that great leaders drive better performance, engagement and retention, it’s little surprise that American companies spend nearly $20 billion a year on [...]

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Leadership Development Makes Your Employer Brand More than Lipstick On a Pig

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the main challenges facing growing companies and lack of talent often limits growth.  Competition for talent is fierce, and extensive information about companies on Glassdoor, Indeed and other sites, ensures that applicants know about an employers’ reputation and what it’s like to work for a company before [...]

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