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Todd Murtha is founder and CEO of, a Silicon Valley based technology startup that provides efficient, scalable and effective technology-supported management and leadership development and coaching for non-executive employees.

Leadership Development Makes Your Employer Brand More than Lipstick On a Pig

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the main challenges facing growing companies and lack of talent often limits growth.  Competition for talent is fierce, and extensive information about companies on Glassdoor, Indeed and other sites, ensures that applicants know about an employers’ reputation and what it’s like to work for a company before [...]

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Forget “one-size-fits-all” leadership advice, 7 tools to become a strategic leader

The internet is filled with articles on leadership, and companies spend nearly $20 billion a year on leadership development -- but fifty percent to eighty percent of managers are still ineffective. How can that be? One problem is that most leadership materials describe “a” right way to lead. One-size-fits-all leadership might be ok -- if [...]

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Keys to Align Leadership Coaching With Business Strategy

Leadership coaching has been shown over and over to be highly effective at developing better leaders and managers. As technology makes coaching more efficient and scalable and much more accessible for larger groups of employees, the success of broad-based coaching for managers and non-executive leaders requires HR leaders and coaches to work together to ensure [...]

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7 ways coaching for early career leaders is more than just scaled down executive coaching

Successful companies don’t have a few great leaders, but instead have large groups of leadership excellence in the skills that are important for the company.  For example, research from McKinsey highlights the need for a critical mass of excellent leaders – companies who succeed in customer focus for example have more than 40% of their [...]

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A Few Good (Wo)Men Won’t Do It – The Importance of a Deep Leadership Bench and How It Affects Your Leadership Program

Common sense and decades of research show that great leaders make great – and successful – companies. And so it’s no surprise that research by McKinsey, which examined more than 5,500 leaders at 47 companies, found that leadership excellence was associated with company success.  And it's also no surprise that McKinsey found that great leaders [...]

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Ten Essential Tips for Using a Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching has changed – gone are the days when leaders thought of coaches as resources to fix a “problem” employee.  Now the vast majority of leadership coaches help high potential leaders speed and expand their growth.  And coaching is moving out of the C-Suite and becoming available much more broadly in the company.  As [...]

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Why Are So Many Manager Unhappy, and What Can We Do About It?

Unhappy managers often disengage or quit before the company knows there's a problem. In many companies, the route for advancement for outstanding individual contributors is to move into management.  But many people find that the step into management, which should be a positive, leaves them less than happy.  And coaches often hear “I’m not cut [...]

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Why Leadership Development Doesn’t Work – And How To Fix It

American Companies spend almost $20 billion a year on management and leadership development, but half of American workers say they have a bad manager, nearly 70% report they are not engaged at work, and half have changed jobs to escape a bad manager.  Reviews find that a full half of manages are rated worse than [...]

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How Leaders Overcome Their Comfort Zone

Leaders' comfort zones trap them in ineffective behavior.  No growth can happen until they move beyond their own walls. We all know what our comfort zone is – and we all have one.  The problem with living in your comfort zone is that it means you’ll continue to do the same things that you do [...]

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Coaching Managers to Deal With Conflict

Conflict gets a bad name in companies – it’s often something everyone tries to avoid, or it’s a sign of an aggressive culture.  But effective conflict is required for success. Conflict’s bad reputation is unfortunate – when handled well, conflict is positive and necessary to take advantage of the benefits from teams with diverse and [...]

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Coaching and Technology: A Better Solution for Leadership Development

Developing high performing leaders at all levels requires a strong alignment between leadership development and meeting business goals.  But even though companies spend nearly $20 billion a year on leadership development, leadership development in U.S. companies regularly falls short.  There must be a better way. Research Results on LD A 2015 State of Leadership Development [...]

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Diversity Training vs. Diversity Coaching: What Really Works?

Companies have been proactively managing workplace diversity, in one fashion or another, since the mid 1980’s. Diversity management in corporate America can be traced to the interaction of affirmative action, regulatory equal employment opportunity compliance in one stream, and emerging concerns about the changing demographic makeup of the American workforce and projections about the scarcity [...]

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Digital Coaching: What’s Next for Affinity Groups & Employee Resource Groups?

As companies strive to leverage the potential of each individual employee’s unique differences and make work environments more welcoming and inclusive, affinity groups and employee resource groups have become regular fixtures in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) and employee engagement infrastructure. This post examines why and how companies can apply digital coaching, a form of [...]

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Technology and the Reinvention of Leadership Development

Leadership development will look completely different in 10 years. And it’s an important change - to put it bluntly, traditional leadership development doesn't work. That's the unpleasant consensus of almost everyone who studies leadership programs - they simply don't develop better leaders. The data bear this out - even with companies spending $20 billion a [...]

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What Is “Digital Coaching” Anyway?

Digital coaching expands leadership training into a full development experience that is effective and affordable. Companies spend $50 billion a year on leadership development but leadership continues to be the #1 talent issue that CEOs report.  But traditional leadership development isn't effective, the rate of poor managers is stubbornly stuck at 50%.  The Short Answer [...]

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