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Todd Murtha is the founder and CEO of Careerwave.

No, Your Managers Can’t Do Talent Development

Employee growth is critical for both companies and employees.  But managers can't do employee development. The clues about the importance or providing growth opportunities to employees are hardly subtle — employees who don't grow contribute less than they should, and  study after study shows that lack of growth opportunity is one of the most common reasons [...]

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Five Reasons You’re Trapped in a Bad Job

There’s a good chance you’re stuck in a career that’s not rewarding or satisfying, where you’re just punching the clock for a paycheck. I don’t mean that as anything personal, but more than 70% of workers feel that way and a third want a new job (and you’re reading this article) so it’s a safe [...]

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Career Growth or Personal Branding—Why “Lipstick On a Pig” Won’t Do

Career growth or personal branding — why “lipstick on a pig” won’t do I spoke recently to a prominent recruiter who noted that 98% of candidates from job postings are not qualified for the job. By “not qualified”, she didn’t mean they had 5 years experience for a position requiring 10, but rather that the candidates had one [...]

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The Curse of “Great” Candidates — Build Engagement with Better Hiring

Studies show that 70% or more of workers are disengaged at work — these workers are not involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace. Their work isn’t rewarding to them and doesn’t interest them. Much has been made about the impact of worker disengagement — for example, engaged employees work harder, are less likely to [...]

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